Exercising our Lazy Bones

Slow travel: generally, we do this by exploring local neighbourhoods and attractions, on foot when possible, with tips from locals more often than guide books or websites.

We really worked on this during our recent visit to Koh Lanta!

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Thailand: Getting Here & Getting Settled

Long haul flights have got to be the bane of every traveller’s existence. Maybe those select few flying first class feel differently, but for the rest of us poor schlubs in economy, these nightmarishly long periods of captivity, squashed in uncomfortable seats, & sharing the air with far too many others are just a necessary evil to be endured.

24 hours of cars, trains, planes, & shuttles took us from Canada to Thailand. Here’s an unexpected newsflash: the trip wasn’t 100% Hellish!

Vancouver to Bangkok map

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Tofino Calling

Vancouver Island is roughly the size of the Netherlands, only about 400 km long and 100 km wide. It’s kind of ridiculous how many cool & wildly different places there are to visit. Recently, Tofino called to us.


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Enough relaxing for now; it’s back to work!

It’s pretty hard to think of a better introduction to Vancouver Island. Sunny skies and calm waters added to the scenic ferry trip from the mainland.  Our first night was spent in a beautiful little cottage in Sidney, with time to poke around the harbour town.

Enough of that, though.  Back to work.  Time to get our house sitting hats on!

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Toot toot! Road Trip!!

Alternate Title: We Might Be Crazy

Idea: drive from Manitoba to British Columbia in the middle of November.

Sure, it’s one of Canada’s most unpredictable months for weather.  Yes, the prairies are flat & open, and prone to blizzards & icy roads. Yes, the route includes dangerous mountain passes, crossing the Rockies.  Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Wait for it. There’s more.

We added a northerly detour, bringing the total distance to 2,800 km, and had snow, heavy fog, and icy conditions pretty much the entire trip.

road trip nov 17

Yes, we might be crazy.
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Playing House in New Zealand

Have you even wanted to temporarily slip into someone else’s life? Unless you’re new here, you know that my partner, Karen, and I regularly get the chance to do exactly that. Thanks to several online house sitting communities, we are able to connect with people around the world, move into their homes, look after their animals, and free them up for their own travels. It’s pretty amazing.

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I Have a Confession to Make.

This isn’t easy for me to put into words. I feel the need to explain myself. Please read this post with an open mind. I know this is going to be very controversial. I can already hear the gasps; I can see the heads shaking in befuddlement; I can imagine you questioning my sensibilities. Deep breath. Here goes. Continue reading