It’s a Marathon

It’s a little after 4pm.  The dog is sniffing around in the backyard and the cat is winding her way around my legs. Earlier, we’d walked the dog and gone for groceries. While Karen and Picholine napped, Paley and I played in the backyard.

Sounds like a pretty typical day at home for most people.  For us, it’s how we see the world.

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Rocky Mountain High

Barely an hour after arriving at our first house sit of the  winter, I was already feeling a bit of a buzz.  We were in Colorado, but the buzz I was feeling probably wasn’t what you’re thinking.

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Retirement Party!

Retirement Party! is a quilt I made to welcome our friend, Sharon, to the happy club of retirees.  Remember when I was stalled on the yoga quilt from my previous post ?  That’s when the idea hit.

There would be two main elements: the colour orange, and some of the fun things Sharon will have more time for in retirement.   Continue reading

Wearing off the wine, one hike at a time.

Karen and I have been home from for almost three weeks, and I haven’t managed a single post.  It’s been a mad flurry of friends, gardening, filing our taxes, check-ups, a few computer glitches, and getting back into the summer groove of village life.

While it’s all a bit of a blur, & we’re very happy to be home, I want to back-track & share a bit more of our time in British Columbia.

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Marmite and Vegemite Go Spread to Spread

It’s a battle of the yeasts!  Yeast vs yeast, which will reign supreme?

There’s really no cool way to jazz up a comparison between two iconic yeast spreads, is there? Regardless, I found myself with a jar of each in the cupboard, and knew that a challenge was in order.


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Doo Doo Doo, Lookin’ Out My Back Door

There’s an almost constant soundtrack running in my brain.  I’ve mentioned this before. Sometimes, it spontaneously bursts out of my mouth and drives poor Karen crazy.  For the most part, I try to keep the songs locked up in my head.

Since the first morning at this house sit, nestled in the forest of the Highlands of Vancouver Island, Lookin’ Out My Back Door has been looping round and round. Continue reading

Another Bumpy Re-entry

Alternate title: Jet Lag is an Asshole.

Re-entry (or coming home) can be a bumpy ride. I’ve been to Europe a few times, but until recently returning to Canada from Australia, I had never fully appreciated the effect of jet lag. I’ve learned a few things about this physiological condition called desynchronosis since being smacked right between the eyes with it. This was a painful lesson.

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