Deliciously squidgy energy!

So, I’m walking through the grocery store, minding my own business, when a display of bright yellow packages with red lettering and bright red grapes catches my eye. The next thing I see is the obviously enticing tag line:

Deliciously squidgy energy.

You know I’m not walking away from that! Continue reading


Castle Fatigue. Yes, it’s real.

For Canadians who’ve been in the UK for three and a half months, Castle Fatigue is starting to set in.  We don’t push ourselves to see every tourist spot in a 50 km radius, but we do see our fair share.  Often, we visit a town for nothing more than a bit of exercise with some new scenery. Inevitably, we see Castle Street. We no longer feel the need to see another castle (or museum, or cathedral, or monument), but it just seems wrong not to stop.  Continue reading