Our bags are packed…

We are preparing for the next leg of our winter journey, and looking back over four months in England and Wales. You’ve read about the places we’ve walked, the attractions we’ve seen, and the new food and drink. There’s more. Continue reading


A Spa Town and Snow

If there’s one lesson we learned while travelling in Arizona in our RV, it was to avoid areas of high elevation in the winter.  The higher you go, the colder it gets.  We don’t pack up and leave Canada for 5 months each winter in search of cold and snow, I’ll tell you (especially not when we were living in, essentially, a tin can with facilities).

Lessons learned can be soon forgotten.

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More than Bright Lights and Bingo

With a few unexpected days between house sits, we decided to do a bit of extra touring; we’re on a holiday, if you will.  As long time Corrie fans, Blackpool has featured high on the list of must see locations in Britain.  Think back to Jack at the bookies while Vera plays Bingo, Roy and Hayley dancing in the ballroom, and Tyrone proposing to Maria at the top of Blackpool Tower.  Of course, Tyrone’s glimpse into the future didn’t quite pan out, but with so many great (and not so great) seaside holidays enjoyed by our Corrie friends, we just had to go.
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Stumbling onto History.

So many walks start out similarly: with only a rough plan in mind.  On this day, with no hopes other than to put on a few miles, see some new sights, and keep my feet dry, we set off to explore yet one more section of the Lancaster Canal.  We had no idea what amazing find we had ahead of us.
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The Market Town of Kendal

Time and again, we come across references to market towns.  People, guidebooks, tv shows, pamphlets… they all refer to them.  Finally, I had to ask, “What is a market town?”  The big explanation was, “There’s a market there, isn’t there?”  Hmmm  Really?  I hadn’t heard of London as being a market town.  There are more markets in London than we could possibly get to in our 3 weeks there.  We gave it a good try, believe me.
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Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

… because “Ships, Trains, and Hiking Boots” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Barrow-In-Furness is not exactly high on the list of UK destinations for most people.  A history of iron ore and slate mining in the region, then smelting, and eventually ship making… sounds pretty, doesn’t it?  An obvious choice for a couple of nature loving walkers.  Ah, but we had been going through a cold snap for a bit (yes, temperatures had been hovering around zero!), so a scenic train trip to nowhere in particular seemed in order. Continue reading

The great unplanned.

With travel, as with anything in life, things don’t always go as planned.  While it’s easy to do a bit of bitching and moaning when things don’t go to plan, for the most of it, I really do try to roll with the punches.  Does it really matter if I can’t get to a certain place on the day I had planned?  There is always something to see and do around the next corner. Continue reading