Rocky Mountain High

Barely an hour after arriving at our first house sit of the  winter, I was already feeling a bit of a buzz.  We were in Colorado, but the buzz I was feeling probably wasn’t what you’re thinking.

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Wearing off the wine, one hike at a time.

Karen and I have been home from for almost three weeks, and I haven’t managed a single post.  It’s been a mad flurry of friends, gardening, filing our taxes, check-ups, a few computer glitches, and getting back into the summer groove of village life.

While it’s all a bit of a blur, & we’re very happy to be home, I want to back-track & share a bit more of our time in British Columbia.

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Therapy for the Travel-Weary

Here we are, with feet firmly planted on Canadian soil, house sitting in British Columbia’s Okanagan region. We’ve been home for almost a month, and I can’t blame the jet lag for the lack of updates.  I guess I’m just having fun!  Join me as I play catch up.

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Doo Doo Doo, Lookin’ Out My Back Door

There’s an almost constant soundtrack running in my brain.  I’ve mentioned this before. Sometimes, it spontaneously bursts out of my mouth and drives poor Karen crazy.  For the most part, I try to keep the songs locked up in my head.

Since the first morning at this house sit, nestled in the forest of the Highlands of Vancouver Island, Lookin’ Out My Back Door has been looping round and round. Continue reading

Housesitting & How We Do It

Just yesterday, we stood on the side of the road, talking to a complete stranger about house sitting. We’re into our third year of travelling the world this way, and I’ve posted about our experiences, but maybe it’s time to share some details about how we do this.


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We’ve separated!

No, Karen and I haven’t “split the blanket,” as my dad is fond of saying.  We’ve just got a slight overlap with house sits. That’s right, folks, I’m flying solo again!

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A Canadian Christmas

Merry Christmas from Snowy Vancouver Island!


If you’re new here, you won’t know that this is the fifth Christmas away from home for my partner, Karen, and me. While we’re far from our little village in Manitoba’s Interlake region, we are mixing up winter by staying in Canada (for the time being). Continue reading