Time off in Ladysmith

Between house sits, time was well spent reuniting with friends in another new-to-us destination.

Travelling in Canada this winter has been awesome! Not only do we get to see a whole lot of beautiful Vancouver Island, but Karen and I also took the chance to visit friends we don’t see often enough.

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Enough relaxing for now; it’s back to work!

It’s pretty hard to think of a better introduction to Vancouver Island. Sunny skies and calm waters added to the scenic ferry trip from the mainland.  Our first night was spent in a beautiful little cottage in Sidney, with time to poke around the harbour town.

Enough of that, though.  Back to work.  Time to get our house sitting hats on!

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Toot toot! Road Trip!!

Alternate Title: We Might Be Crazy

Idea: drive from Manitoba to British Columbia in the middle of November.

Sure, it’s one of Canada’s most unpredictable months for weather.  Yes, the prairies are flat & open, and prone to blizzards & icy roads. Yes, the route includes dangerous mountain passes, crossing the Rockies.  Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Wait for it. There’s more.

We added a northerly detour, bringing the total distance to 2,800 km, and had snow, heavy fog, and icy conditions pretty much the entire trip.

road trip nov 17

Yes, we might be crazy.
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I’ve Declared War!

Normally a peace loving person, I draw the line at garden pests.

Death to the Scarlet Lily Beetle!

These voracious little sex machines were first spotted reproducing among my lilies last summer. My first sighting was of two of the little beasties doing the horizontal mambo in the foliage. Once I realized what I was looking at, it was war!

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Yup. It Must be Summer.

Happy Victoria Day!

It’s that long weekend so many Canadians look forward to. May long weekend, the unofficial start of summer. Since retiring a few years ago, I tend to lose track of long weekends, but it’s impossible to ignore this one. Continue reading

Another Bumpy Re-entry

Alternate title: Jet Lag is an Asshole.

Re-entry (or coming home) can be a bumpy ride. I’ve been to Europe a few times, but until recently returning to Canada from Australia, I had never fully appreciated the effect of jet lag. I’ve learned a few things about this physiological condition called desynchronosis since being smacked right between the eyes with it. This was a painful lesson.

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Playing House in New Zealand

Have you even wanted to temporarily slip into someone else’s life? Unless you’re new here, you know that my partner, Karen, and I regularly get the chance to do exactly that. Thanks to several online house sitting communities, we are able to connect with people around the world, move into their homes, look after their animals, and free them up for their own travels. It’s pretty amazing.

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