Exercising our Lazy Bones

Slow travel: generally, we do this by exploring local neighbourhoods and attractions, on foot when possible, with tips from locals more often than guide books or websites.

We really worked on this during our recent visit to Koh Lanta!

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One Night in Bangkok

While Karen and I are feeling very pampered and rested (read: lazy), as guests of friends on the southern Thai island of Koh Lanta, I’ll zip back to Bangkok for one more post from the country’s capitol city.

Come on, you knew this post title was coming, right?!

Night markets are a fun tradition in Thailand and much of South-East Asia. Streets are blocked off, and stalls selling everything under the moon are set up for a unique, slightly cooler, shopping experience. Continue reading

Thailand: Getting Here & Getting Settled

Long haul flights have got to be the bane of every traveller’s existence. Maybe those select few flying first class feel differently, but for the rest of us poor schlubs in economy, these nightmarishly long periods of captivity, squashed in uncomfortable seats, & sharing the air with far too many others are just a necessary evil to be endured.

24 hours of cars, trains, planes, & shuttles took us from Canada to Thailand. Here’s an unexpected newsflash: the trip wasn’t 100% Hellish!

Vancouver to Bangkok map

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Marmite and Vegemite Go Spread to Spread

It’s a battle of the yeasts!  Yeast vs yeast, which will reign supreme?

There’s really no cool way to jazz up a comparison between two iconic yeast spreads, is there? Regardless, I found myself with a jar of each in the cupboard, and knew that a challenge was in order.


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Here Comes the Rain Again

It’s time to keep it real, kids.  Winter in much of Canada’s westernmost province brings rain.  A lot of rain.  Vancouver Island doesn’t get hit as badly as the lower mainland, but it still adds up.  It requires a serious dose of positive attitude to get through the dark, wet months.  And waterproof clothes.  You need waterproof clothes. Continue reading

Doo Doo Doo, Lookin’ Out My Back Door

There’s an almost constant soundtrack running in my brain.  I’ve mentioned this before. Sometimes, it spontaneously bursts out of my mouth and drives poor Karen crazy.  For the most part, I try to keep the songs locked up in my head.

Since the first morning at this house sit, nestled in the forest of the Highlands of Vancouver Island, Lookin’ Out My Back Door has been looping round and round. Continue reading

Housesitting & How We Do It

Just yesterday, we stood on the side of the road, talking to a complete stranger about house sitting. We’re into our third year of travelling the world this way, and I’ve posted about our experiences, but maybe it’s time to share some details about how we do this.


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