Hi, my name is Leah.  I quit working in March of 2013, to focus on enjoying life to the fullest. What does that entail?  For the most part, I travel, taste, and create as much as possible! What better way to soak up life?



Since retiring, my partner and I travel for about 5 months each winter with shorter trips the rest of the year.  We explore new places and all they have to offer.  Where do we go?  How do we do it?  What do we learn?  I’ll try to share these things as we go.

Let me be right up-front; when I mention taste as a passion of mine, I’m not talking about fashion or decorating.  I like food.  I like wine.  I like beer.  I also like to cook and bake.  Tasting new foods and drinks is a great pleasure in life. We’ve all got to eat, so why not make it a joyous thing?

I have always been surrounded by creative people.  I gravitate towards the musical, the dramatic, and the artistic.  I celebrate their talents.    I don’t consider myself artistic, but I have fun trying new things.  My own creativity comes out when I’m sewing, cooking, gardening, or renovating my home.

Hopefully, a blog will be the best way for me to keep in touch with friends and family, and to share some of my stories.  Posting something weekly is the goal; it’ll all depend on how much there is to have to share (and whether or not I have access to the internet!).

As with everything in life, let’s hope this is fun.