I’m not a slacker!

I’m not. I just blog like one.

OK, only two posts since we left Canada, but there’s been a lot to see & do. There’s booking travel & accommodations, searching for house sits, finding places to eat & walk, and at some point, we need to step away from the devices and actually DO the things we’re researching!

After a wonderful start in the Blue Mountains, we had 10 days before our next gig. We took our time getting to Mount Martha, with stops in Canberra, Wagga Wagga, Wangaratta, & Melbourne. True to our style of slow travel, we kept each leg of the train trip to 2 or 3 hours.


While enjoying the scenery, we came up with a new travel game; as each stop was announced, we tried our best to spell the upcoming place name. You would not believe how poorly we did. These place names are not what our North American ears guessed.


Positive reviews from friends led us to try Airbnb. We tried both luxury and budget accommodations; each gave us what we were looking for and expecting. Much better than hotel stays.

First stop: Canberra

The nation’s capital is definitely a government city. It is pretty, clean, and has a certain bustle of activity, without being over-run with tourists.


Australia’s Parliament moved from Melbourne to Canberra in 1927 (Sydneysiders wanted their city to be the capital, as did Melbournians.  Solution? Neither wins. Canberra it is!). Parliament met in what was always intended to be a temporary home, ‘Old Parliament House’ from 1927 until 1988, when the beautiful Parliament House was opened. A highlight of our quick tour was the video about the construction of Parliament House, featuring landscapers in their 80’s short shorts and long, feathered hair.

One evening, following the suggestion of our Airbnb host, we made our way to the top of Red Hill. What did we ever do to this man? After 205 stairs (and some other uphill bits without stairs), with hearts pumping & only a few flies up my nose, we made it!




A black bird and a few very friendly magpies came to share the views and our carrots (I certainly was not sharing our wine and cheese with the little beggars, no matter how pretty they were!). This was a beautiful, quiet spot for Happy Hour.



We visited the fantastic gallery at Canberra Glassworks.  I did pout a little when the artists in the hothouse quit work earlier than scheduled & we didn’t see them in action.

The pieces in the Joanne Bone exhibit were absolutely stunning. They were also very big and very expensive. Visions of my turning around and shattering something costing thousands of dollars danced through my mind, as we made our way through the exhibit. Shouldn’t they be more secure?  You know, like under glass?!





Nest stop: Wagga Wagga

The name alone drew us to this city of almost 56,000. It’s just fun to say! Give it a try.  Wagga Wagga.  You see?  Fun.

As much as zoos make me sad, it seemed silly not to visit the zoo and free flight aviary while we were visiting the Wagga Wagga Botanic Garden.

Emus! Holy mackerel, these things are huge and oh, so pretty (they intimidated me; I told them they were pretty)!



The peacocks wander freely around the park and do not need to be told how pretty they are.They strut, they how off, and they are LOUD. Very loud.


I’m pretty darned proud that I learned to post a video to YouTube and include it in my blog, so I’ll leave you with this for now.

*strut strut*

More on our journey in the next post.


11 thoughts on “I’m not a slacker!

  1. Thanks for the update, it looks beautiful! I wish you and Karen a wonderful Christmas Season, and try to enjoy even though you don’t have all this white stuff!


  2. Thanks, Karla! We are battling a heat wave at the moment, but we’re struggling through! LOL

    Enjoy your holidays; I hope the New Year finds you refreshed and in good health.


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