Australia – let the adventure begin!

It’s been just over a week since we arrived in Australia. The trip, from door to door, took roughly 30 hours, and it wasn’t nearly as painful as I’d feared. Everything went smoothly and even the 15 hour leg from Vancouver to Sydney wasn’t horrible.


Is it possible for Air Canada to remove any more leg room? This is one of those times when it is an advantage to be short. I’m not sure how tall people manage!

During flights, it’s key to sleep as much as possible, get up and walk around, and even do a few yoga moves at the emergency exit (if for no other reason than to scare the more nervous flyers with visions of my accidentally opening the door). In addition to the in-flight entertainment, this is how I pass the time.


We arrived on time to sunshine and warm spring weather. Flying carry-on saved us from waiting for luggage, so we zipped through customs and met our wonderful hosts in the arrivals area.

Our new home away from home is in Glenbrook, a suburb of the City of Blue Mountains, about an hour west of Sydney.

For two weeks we’ll be living in a comfortable home with gardens full of tropical plants, wild exotic birds, a fish pond, and two lovely dogs.


Jacki & Bindi enjoying some shade after a round of fetch.



The cockatoos visit the yard daily. They are large and beautiful and LOUD! When they want a snack, they know how to get our attention.


These Rainbow Lorikeets are little parrots, maybe not even as big as robins. They are beautiful and they are aggressive. Unbelievably, they chase the much bigger Cockatoos away! It may not be fair, but it’s nature right out the back door.

No sooner did I mention that I was looking forward to seeing kangaroos and our hosts were whisking us off to the Blue Mountains National Park! After a pretty quick search, we found a little family of 3 Eastern Gray Kangaroos, including a little joey. Not as big as the red kangaroos, these usually reach a maximum of 7′. Even so, they are damned impressive up close and personal!

Within minutes, we found more. In all, there were about a dozen roos in the mob (for my friend, Leona: a group of kangaroos is a mob). It was very exciting to get so close to these fantastic animals with their sweet faces.


Photo credit: J. Stalling



What could be more Australian than kangaroos, right? I guess this makes it official; we’re really here! We’ve got months ahead of us, with some house sits lined up along the way, and so much to see and forward to!

Thanks for joining the fun.


11 thoughts on “Australia – let the adventure begin!

  1. Wait……..what? You have travelled to be there for so long with only carry on??
    No lotions…shampoo…etc. No evening wear 😉
    Great to see the news! We were there weeks before we saw kangeroos!


  2. We have teeny amounts of everything, and we’ll just buy as we need. It is so much easier to use public transportation with small luggage, too. The only down-side is having our luggage with us during layovers, but that’s not bad.


  3. I’m amazed at the one piece of luggage as well. My biggest problem is shoes. My feet object to wearing the same pair every day. Thanks for the shout-out, Leah. Got it, a mob of kangaroos.


  4. We’ve worked hard to reduce our luggage over the years. We each have 2 pair of shoes and 1 pair of sandals (I know they’re shoes, but I wanted to specify). I even have slippers!

    We have 5 tops each – that is the big one. 5 tops for 5 months. After awhile, we’ll need to switch it up. It really is amazing how little you need to get by.

    You never know when you need to talk about a mob of kangaroos!


  5. The wildlife is fascinating. My daughter has gone potentially 2 years with a large rucksack..I’m thinking you two are just down with the travelling kids. If you have enough for climate changes and you are not dressing for the captain of a cruise liner..I think you might be ok.
    Looking forward to hearing and seeing more of your discoveries in Australia/NZ


  6. I dress for nobody but my navigator and the animals I’m taking care of, so that helps. Anyone else can just turn the other way! Many long term travellers say that you only need to pack for 2 weeks (some say 1) and recycle the same things over and over. It can get a bit boring, but it works.


  7. Kangaroos were definitely near the top of my must-see list. Next, I’m looking forward to penguins, which I didn’t even know lived in Australia before planning this trip.


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