Let Me Introduce You! Marylin Carter

Maryline with mug

Marylin, proudly showing off a mug made by her daughter, Cara, of Chasing Fire Studio.

Marylin is the very embodiment of creativity. She sees beauty all around her and knows how to enhance any space.

Step into Marylin’s yard, and you are surrounded by colour and texture, light and shadow, along with vignettes of decorative touches making her garden a gallery to be browsed and explored.

If you are lucky enough to be invited into her home, you will be embraced by more lovely touches, in addition to her warmth, hospitality, and humour.


You may remember an earlier post about ceramics artist, Cara Carter. I am finally bringing you Cara’s mom, and my amazing friend, Marylin! Here she is, in her own words.

I grew up in a home where items such as tent trailers, clothing, & home décor were created rather than purchased. Many hours were spent watching my mom create beautiful clothing, curtains, etc. without the use of patterns. Mom loved fashion, colour, and textures. Material was always present in our home and wonderful creations were produced on her Singer sewing machine. I got the scraps and did some creating of my own.

Marylin 2

Marylin’s Vision Board

My love of colour came from my mom as well. It always intrigued me to see her start with a pail of white paint and, by adding drops of oil paint from a tube, create amazing colours for walls, trim, cupboards, & furniture.

I moved to Carlyle in the fall of 1969. In the early 70’s, I attended a Community College oil painting class led by Doris Silcox, and have been painting ever since. It did take a while to overcome the butterflies in my stomach, because I knew nothing about painting or how to master those techniques.

In the 80’s, a group of us who wanted to paint with other artists on a regular basis created Paint and Palette Art Guild.  It was so inspiring! We invited Michael Lonechild to give us a class in acrylics. The oils were set aside and a love for acrylics started. One of the most important statements from Michael was, “Paint what you know.” He helped me open my eyes wide to see more colours, shadows and textures than I was aware of. Wow, 3 layers of shadows! The sky has 3 bands of colours! Winter is full of colour, not just grey and white! I am so blessed to have painted with this amazing, quiet spoken artist!

Marylin 6

Doris McKechnie opened up the world of watercolours and Larry Jackson introduced us to painting with mixed medium which incorporated acrylics, watercolours, and inks.

After discussing painting with our Paint and Palette Art Guild, we decided to put on some art classes ourselves. We discussed all the things we wish had been shared with us when we first had started painting. As adults, we had more fear than giving the materials to a young child!. So we developed lessons to teach techniques, colour mixing and how to compose a painting. I was the lucky person to teach this class! I continued to give classes in acrylics and watercolours.

In 2005, I was involved in creating a 64 foot mural that hangs prominently in downtown Carlyle. Michael Lonechild, Paul Twietmeyer, Marion Biram and I painted this mural on a giant easel inside the lobby of the Skating Rink. Paul Twietmeyer created the easel. Those 64 feet of white were intimidating! So much laughter, different techniques by each of us!

Marylin 3

Michael Lonechild, Marylin, Paul Twietmeyer, business employee, & Marion Biram


Marylin 4

Marylin’s mural which hangs in Mouse River County Park in North Dakota

Umbrellas1 (1)

Umbrellas – a large stretch canvas, evoking memories of sunny beach days.

Sewing has also been another creative form that has always been part of my life. Quilting is new but not my passion yet.

marylin placemat

One of a set of placemats made by Marylin.

Zentangles is another art/meditation form that I discovered approximately 4 years ago. Now this is an addiction! The very few materials needed can be carried easily in your purse: just a Sharpie pen, pencil, and sketch book (or cardstock). If you like the Adult Colouring Books than be ready to make your own…….


I have painted on Ostrich and Emu eggs, Resin Horses, canvas and watercolour paper and sometimes even windows! I love landscapes, skies, doors and windows. People and animals rarely (never) appear in the paintings. I have a passion for cooking and playing in the dirt.


I believe everyone is an artist in their own right. As long as you are creating, you are an artist. Using our creativity opens us up to joy, makes us content and happy! Thus I am a content and happy person who is filled with joy! I hope you enjoyed my ramblings.

Marylin Carter

I want to be as talented as Marylin when I grow up.  On the other hand, I have no big plans to grow up, so who knows.

I warned you that I would be taking a break from blogging this summer, and it was all I could do to get this post ready to publish (even though Marylin did all the work!).

As we start to make plans for our winter travels, I can almost feel the urge to write and share coming back. There have been many times I thought about writing a post about our adventures in our new kayaks, the fun I’ve had in my new sewing room (a table in the laundry room),  the hits and misses in the garden, and our culinary escapades. When it came to actually writing and uploading pictures, however; I fell short.  Please feel free imagine all of the lovely pictures and witty stories. Oh, what a summer it’s been!



10 thoughts on “Let Me Introduce You! Marylin Carter

  1. Oh those birches! Delightful composition and use of light and color. Thank you for introducing us to Marilyn and her work. What a joy to read her story. I so much like that you invite your artist friends to tell their stories in their own words.

    And … Welcome back! I look forward to regular posts from you again. I took a much needed break myself this summer–unintentionally, but so worth while.


  2. I am proud to call Marilyn my friend! She is a positive, shining light to all who know her! And she has a marvellous sense of humour to boot!


  3. Omgosh!!! What a great way to honour Marylin, who without question — is one creative, talented lady!! So much fun to read & very interesting to see how creativity flows into every aspect of her life and is passed on through family generations. You are an inspiration, Marylin and proud to have the chance to create with you as well…!❤️😊


  4. Thank you for such an engaging post full of beauty and creativity. I loved her journey of art and colours and that picture of beach umbrellas will stay with me.
    Zentangle is something I am curious to try now – the fish one is so intricate and appealing… Cheers 😊


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