What the garden gets up to when I’m not looking.

For the Victoria Day long weekend, we decided to do a road trip to my parents’ place in Saskatchewan (more on that soon), and when we came home, I could not believe my eyes!  We’d had some heat and rain while we were gone.

Ferns that were just fiddleheads when we left are almost two feet tall.  Hostas that hadn’t even emerged from the ground, are starting to show off their beautiful foliage.  Everything had finally begun to wake up, but what really caught my attention was the riot of colour from the tulips.

garden 20160523_192332

There’s something about these spring bulbs that makes it seem perfectly acceptable to break every “rule” in the book.  No worries about carefully placing the short and the tall in just the right spot.  They all demand your attention.  Even mixing pink and red (gasp!) seems to work.  The garden is growing and it’s time for colour!

garden pink and red 20160523_192718

graden Chansonette Triumph 20160523_193021-1

Triumph Tulip ‘Chansonette’


The addition of two-tone tulips is fairly new for me.  They add a little exotic flair.

garden Tulip Affaire 20160524_070332-1

Triumph Tulip Affaire

garden 20160524_070614-1

I’ve lost track of this beauty’s name.  So lovely, with the variations in soft pink.


garden blue diamond 20160523_192644-1-1

Tulip ‘Blue Parrot’, one of the few double tulips in my garden.

garden 20160523_192600

Another name escapes me and my horrible record keeping.  The lemon yellow is still pretty.

garden 20160523_192814garden 20160524_070524-1

There are times I almost hate to leave my yard.  As we were packing up the car, I looked at all of the flower buds just waiting for the right moment to burst open.  I hate to miss anything!

garden 20160524_072952

This Double Flowering Plum (or Flowering Almond – Prunus Triloba) was loaded with dark pink buds when we left, and was in full bloom for our return.  In fact, some of the flowers have already started to fade.  Soon, the ground beneath will be covered in soft pink petals.  Until then, the bees are working hard gathering pollen from one of their spring favourites.

garden dead nettle 20160523_193055-1

Quickly filling in the spaces in the shade bed is Lamium ‘Nancy’ with it’s variegated leaves and pretty lilac flowers.

garden primula 20160523_193051-1

The only two Primula or primroses that managed to make it through the winter this year.  This plant isn’t fully hardy to Zone 2b, but try telling that to the one with white flowers.  This is it’s third year in the garden.  I’m working up the courage to divide it one day.

The little one with the red and yellow flowers looks like a little baby, nestled up against it’s mamma for protection from the big bad world.  Nothing to fear, little fella.  Get growing!

My final offering is one of the little volunteer violas scattered all over the yard.  Whether I find these rascals in the actual flower beds or among the wood chips of a pathway, the Johnny Jump Ups make me smile and get to stay wherever they find a spot.

garden 20160523_192901-1

Please note that it is only through a combination of some very specific camera angles and a bit of careful cropping, that I managed to avoid showing off the other plants that have put on a show of their own. The weeds! They liked the heat and humidity, as well.

Please excuse me.  I’ve got work to do.


24 thoughts on “What the garden gets up to when I’m not looking.

  1. Lovely pictures! This autumn for sure I’m finally going to plant some bulbs.

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  2. You have a lovely garden. Thanks for the colorful pictures. Your tulips are beautiful and interesting.


  3. Gorgeous, Leah. I know what you mean about hating to leave your garden. Daughter is pressing me to come and visit but I am putting her off until late summer. I feel the same as you do about the violas. Such dainty things surviving this northern Manitoba climate deserve to shine.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. How exciting to think that I’ve introduced something new in the garden world! The doubles remind me of peonies (just around the bloom corner).

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Love the variety of colors in your garden! Your Johnny Jump Ups are as delightful and I’m glad you let them grow where they planted themselves. I have an odd little assortment of them and find myself wondering where they originally came from.


  6. I think they morph over time, changing colours as they go. It’s part of the fun. Just a little poke from Mother Nature, reminding us who’s in charge.


  7. I have read that mixing daffodils in amongst tulips will keep animals away, as nobody likes the smell. Not sure if it’s true or not, but nobody has snacked on my bulbs since I started doing it (and I live in the country with plenty of rabbits and squirrels).


  8. I love the violas! We had a hanging basket with some last year and now four different varieties of viola decorate the yard. They started up last summer, but it’s been a happy surprise this spring to see more of them!


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