My New Summer Sipper: The Gin Gimlet

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This edition of Nibbles isn’t something to chew on, but it is short and sweet.

Introducing: The Gin Gimlet, Official Cocktail of Summer 2016 (I know it’s not summer until June 21; I like to be prepared).

Recently, Karen and I met my sister and our niece for the first girls’ lunch of the season.  I selected the Hibiscus Gimlet from the restaurant’s fun and creative cocktail menu.  It was absolutely delicious: fruity, but only just sweet enough to cut the astringency of the gin. I liked it so much, I was Googling gimlet recipes before we made it home.

I don’t normally make cocktails.  I can’t be bothered to round up all of the syrups, liqueurs, liquors, elixirs, and juices needed for one little drink I may or may not ever make again.

The gin gimlet, however, is a different story.  Just 3 ingredients, very basic equipment, and nothing I didn’t have on hand.  Let’s roll!

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Classic Gin Gimlet

2 ounces dry gin

3/4 ounces fresh lime juice

3/4 ounces simple syrup*

Load your cocktail shaker with ice (I’m sure a big tumbler would work. Don’t get hung up on equipment here; nobody’s looking).  Add all ingredients, give it a good stir (or shake; I’ll try that next, for the sake of my education), pour into a chilled martini glass (I’m guessing a glass of a different shape would do the trick; go ahead, be a wild and crazy rule breaker!).  Garnish with a wedge of lime, find a comfy spot in the shade, and sip.

* opinions differ regarding simple syrup for cocktails, but I go with SIMPLE: one sugar to one water, boil, chill.  Fortunately, I have this in the fridge all summer for weekly refills of the hummingbird feeder (I’m pretty sure the hummers are happy to share).

Nibbles gimlet 20160507_180906

In addition to fun cocktails, another sure sign of summer in our yard, is the placement of this stepping stone. Stella, the Goddess of the Girlie Weekend, is a treasured hand crafted gift from our dear friend, Annie.

Morning light is much better for photography, but I think the afternoon shadows prove that I have a little self-restraint.Nibblies gimlet 20160507_180614-1

The ice cold Gin Gimlet is the perfect mix of tart and sweet with a health bonus: the vitamin C in the lime juice makes it an essential element in the scurvy-fighting diet; something we’re all looking for, am I right?

Here’s to a happy, healthy summer!

Do you have a favourite easy summer cocktail to suggest, in case I feel the need to mix things up a bit (no pun intended)?  Please share.  That’s what friends are for, isn’t it?






16 thoughts on “My New Summer Sipper: The Gin Gimlet

  1. When I first saw your post I thought maybe it would be a ” mint julep” —based on the Kentucky derby on Saturday. I do love bourbon but really just want one of those fabulous hats


  2. A cure for both scurvy and malaria! Perfect. Except for that gin part.

    Nice post – keep them coming.

    Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone.

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  3. You’re sure it’s not the two ounces of alcohol that you enjoy…………. J



  4. Well, the gin is fairly important. Without that, it would just be lime aid (which is alright for a school night, I suppose)!!


  5. If you insist, I could switch things up and make a mojito. You just need to give my mint plant a few weeks!


  6. Sorry I don’t! My imbibing is rather limited to the occasional glass of wine and, on special occasions, champagne. I do enjoy the bubbly! Oh wait, do mimosas count? I enjoy those on a brunchy morning. But if I were into more of the heavy stuff, I’d definitely try your gimlet. I’m a big fan of lime juice.


  7. I regret that my favourite cocktail is a winter drink – whisky Mac – but I am prepared to try others to be certain I’m not stuck on the wrong cocktail 😉


  8. Mimosas only “count” if you want them too. Let’s make our own rules! Love a nice mimosa brunch – it signals celebration, doesn’t it?

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  9. Well, now you stumped me! I looked up Whisky Mac (Whisky MacDonald), but I haven’t a clue what ginger wine is. I’m not sure that’s something we can buy in a regular liquor store in Canada.

    Aren’t we fortunate to have the seasons to give extra inspiration to try new things?

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  10. The main brand here is Stones. According to my bottle it is a wine created by fermenting raisins and flavoured with natural ginger. it is 13.5% alcohol so mixing with whisky gives a very warming drink. Ideal for the UK – even in summer sometimes!


  11. Gin is always appealing, usually with tonic, so it’s great to find a new take on it… I’ll be trying that Leah.
    At home in Cyprus brandy sours are the cocktail drink of tradition… a shot of brandy(doesn’t have to be an expensive one), lemon squash, top up with soda and a dash of angostura bitters… here’s a link…a great drink for sipping as the sun goes down 🙂


  12. I can’t even imagine what the taste would be like. I will keep my eyes out for it. Sounds like something my sister, the ginger beer fan, would like.


  13. I do need to get some bitters. Seems to be a fairly regular cocktail ingredient. My sister has several varieties. Just because I’m the younger of the two, doesn’t mean I should fall behind, does it? Thanks!

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