Let me introduce you! Chasing Fire Ceramics Studio.

I met Cara Carter through a close friend of mine, Cara’s mom.  Like most moms, Marylin has a tendency to brag about her amazing children.  Once I saw Cara’s beautiful, functional, sometimes whimsical creations, I realized the bragging was definitely warranted.


I’d be lying if I said I’m not jealous of her talent. I’ve tried pottery. It’s not as easy as it looks.  What Cara does is art.  What I did was schmooshing clay around on a wheel.   Continue reading


What the garden gets up to when I’m not looking.

For the Victoria Day long weekend, we decided to do a road trip to my parents’ place in Saskatchewan (more on that soon), and when we came home, I could not believe my eyes!  We’d had some heat and rain while we were gone.

Ferns that were just fiddleheads when we left are almost two feet tall.  Hostas that hadn’t even emerged from the ground, are starting to show off their beautiful foliage.  Everything had finally begun to wake up, but what really caught my attention was the riot of colour from the tulips.

garden 20160523_192332

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Getting our animal fix on the road.

When travelling, it can be easy to get caught up in those ‘once in a lifetime opportunities’. In particular, the chance to get up close and personal to animals is tempting, but we don’t always stop to ask if we should be having that experience.

Spending time with animals and learning more about them is a privilege we enjoy as often as possible.  We try to select our opportunities carefully. We question the treatment of animals put into service simply for our entertainment. How are animals in captivity treated? Will our interactions harm them? The good news is, there are usually positive options; we just have to consciously look for them.

Animals 2014-12-12 15.09.01

West Indian Manatee, Homosassa Springs State Park

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My New Summer Sipper: The Gin Gimlet

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This edition of Nibbles isn’t something to chew on, but it is short and sweet.

Introducing: The Gin Gimlet, Official Cocktail of Summer 2016 (I know it’s not summer until June 21; I like to be prepared).

Recently, Karen and I met my sister and our niece for the first girls’ lunch of the season.  I selected the Hibiscus Gimlet from the restaurant’s fun and creative cocktail menu.  It was absolutely delicious: fruity, but only just sweet enough to cut the astringency of the gin. I liked it so much, I was Googling gimlet recipes before we made it home. Continue reading

Esther the Wonder Pig!

There’s a post in my brain that is struggling to get out.  I want to share some of my thoughts about animal welfare, the tourism industry, how those two things combine, and some kinder, gentler alternatives.

While I shillie-shallied over what to say, my friend, Lesley Williamson, told me about a recent experience visiting an animal sanctuary in Ontario. She was kind enough to share her story and some great pictures from her day at Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary. I’ll bet you had no idea you’d be reading about Esther the Wonder Pig today, did you?  You’re so lucky!


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At Home with Canadian Food

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Seriously, what is Canadian food? Canada is a huge country with an incredibly diverse population.  Our First Peoples relied on the regional plants and animals long, long before other people arrived.  Their diets were as varied as the regions they lived in.  People from every part of the world have since added their ingredients, flavours, and traditions to the mix.

As Canadians, we each have our own idea of comfort food, flavoured by family traditions, where we were raised, and where we’ve travelled.

Karen is a relative newcomer to the prairies (she’s only lived here for 29 years, after all).  Even so, she hasn’t escaped the influence of one of our major cultural groups: Ukrainians. Enter one of our comfort foods: the Pyryshky.
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