Nispero: a love story.

Think of Spanish food and I’ll bet items like paella, manchego cheese, churros, tortilla, and olives come to mind.  If you’ve been to Spain, you must absolutely think of Jamón ibérico, that iconic leg of cured ham propped up on the counter of almost every bar and restaurant in the country.  Your mind may go straight to that favourite tapa you enjoyed with a glass of vino tinto; mine usually does.

One thing I hadn’t thought of was fruit. That’s all changed!

Now, you know how I adore trying new foods; it’s like a sport for me. I am dedicated and willing to apply time and effort in the search for delicacies.  My current favourite was discovered completely by accident.

Some small, yellow-orange fruit caught my eye at the breakfast buffet recently.  I didn’t catch the name of these little babies, but was assured they were sweet and tasty. That’s all the sales job I need.

Nispero fruit, where have you been all my life?

Apparently, they’ve been growing in Spain and tropical countries in Latin America.  I can’t believe I’ve missed out all these years! This is a very late blooming love story.

Nibbles 20160408_103356-1 Nisperos

See those little babies nestled between my other favourites, avocado and asparagus? That’s them! Finding them made me very happy. This market stand made me very happy. Look at those colours!

Nibbles 20160410_083453 Nispero

The nispero (also known as loquat in English – who knew?) has a delicate skin, so it’s perfect for eating out of hand.  The seeds are quite large, and that’s good, because they contain cyanide; you want to skip them!  Have you tasted this fruit?  Inside, it is soft, and juicy, and tangy-sweet. Some people make pies and jams and chutneys with them. I have no time for that.  I’m too busy eating them!



12 thoughts on “Nispero: a love story.

  1. I’ve never eaten it. I one saw them but as I didn’t know how to eat it I didn’t buy.. Well, next time I can 😉


  2. I tried one of those recently in Madeira. I hadn’t heard of them beforehand, and we tried them straight off the tree. I suspect it may have been a little under ripe as it was a bit tart but I will certainly try them again after your recommendation.


  3. It looks like an apple tree, a fig tree and an apricot got together and made babies! I’ve heard of loquats, just never knew what one was before. Now I want, want, want! I’ll watch for these in my local green grocery.


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