A Moroccan lunch at Vejer de la Frontera

About 25 minutes from our current home base of Los Caños de Meca, Spain , is a town of fewer than 13,000 people, high on a hill.  Vejer de la Frontera overlooks the Strait of Gibralter (if it hadn’t been a very overcast, rainy day, we’re told we would have been able to see Gibralter). The architecture clearly reflects the town’s Moorish beginnings from 711 – 1248 (thanks, again,Wikipeople). We were directed to a Moroccan restaurant housed in a building dating to the 10th Century.  Thanks, Mercedes!

Nibbles Vejer 20160404_125416

Following a maze of ever-shrinking, winding staircases and slightly eerie signs brought us to the restaurant with a typical Andalucian patio garden.  We chose to eat indoors and out of the rain.

The Chef’s Mezze offered a selection of new-to-us flavours, right down to the kalamata olives spiced with cumin (we may have sampled a few before I remembered to take the picture).

Nibbles Vejer 20160404_131846-1

There were crispy parcels wrapped in warka (phyllo) pastry of mixed veggies, spiced minced meat, and the favourite: goat’s cheese with crushed walnuts.  Fortunately, we had ordered a separate order of those little babies.

The grilled manouri cheese, a mild, fresh goat’s whey cheese, with a texture much like that of a firm ricotta, was a nice textural contrast to the pastries.

Similar to Indian riata or Greek tzatziki, the bowl of Taratour (yogurt, garlic, and tahini) was a tasty, creamy addition, rounding out the flavours.

Our little lunch has whetted my appetite for Morocco; I’m already planning our winter trip of 2020.

*check out the updated Where Am I Now? page for a bit more about Los Caños de Meca*


13 thoughts on “A Moroccan lunch at Vejer de la Frontera

  1. Only looking at it I can understand why you started eating before taking a picture. It looks delicious!


  2. You have done it again. How do you find so many wonderful places and things to eat. YUM. I really need to get out more, this is such a wonderful world of food we live in:) Looking forward to your next food journey.


  3. Thanks, Chantal. I have to admit, that a lot of places are just by luck. There are so many little places with tables on the sidewalks (and in the streets!), with menus on display, that we wander and choose.

    This place was a recommendation from the manager of our hotel. She deserves all the credit. We would not have found it, otherwise!

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  4. I could be wrong, but I think those are further east. Getting down to the restaurant felt like we were entering a cave. At 5’2″, I don’t often have to duck to get down stairs!!

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  5. Delicious post…reading it made me hungry. Would you say that Moorish Andalucia is probably the best place to eat Moroccan food outside of Morocco itself?


  6. Re the latest object on the beach. Google Razor fish, it looked like it might be that.


  7. Do you mean the orange, blobby thing? I don’t think so; I haven’t seen any of the long razor clam shells since we left Wales, Marilyn.


  8. Oh, I am no authority, Joe. I’ve never been to Morocco, and outside of Andalucia, I’ve had Moroccan food in Vancouver and Winnipeg! haha

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  9. Yum! I have to learn to read your Nibbles posts AFTER I’ve eaten. The goat cheese and walnuts made me think of my favorite warm French baguette, “Fromton” with walnuts, pear slices and deliciously melting brie… and that restaurant isn’t open today.


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