Let me introduce you! PixieWinkle Jewelry

As my “About” page says, I seem to surround myself with incredibly creative people. There’s something about the energy, the sense of fun, and the endless possibilities that artistic, musical, dramatic, crafty people seem to bring to the party.

I hope to dazzle you with the wonderful talents of people I am fortunate enough to call friends.  To start with, I think a monthly introduction will work well. Of course, you’re just dying to meet some of these fabulous people, so let me introduce you!

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Home is where the garden is.

garden 20160415_081806-1

No matter where we go for the winter, we look forward to returning to our little house on the big lake.  Travel can be a rather glorious assault on the senses, but it’s pretty hard to compete with springtime in the garden.   Continue reading

Nispero: a love story.

Think of Spanish food and I’ll bet items like paella, manchego cheese, churros, tortilla, and olives come to mind.  If you’ve been to Spain, you must absolutely think of Jamón ibérico, that iconic leg of cured ham propped up on the counter of almost every bar and restaurant in the country.  Your mind may go straight to that favourite tapa you enjoyed with a glass of vino tinto; mine usually does.

One thing I hadn’t thought of was fruit. That’s all changed!

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A Moroccan lunch at Vejer de la Frontera

About 25 minutes from our current home base of Los Caños de Meca, Spain , is a town of fewer than 13,000 people, high on a hill.  Vejer de la Frontera overlooks the Strait of Gibralter (if it hadn’t been a very overcast, rainy day, we’re told we would have been able to see Gibralter). The architecture clearly reflects the town’s Moorish beginnings from 711 – 1248 (thanks, again,Wikipeople). We were directed to a Moroccan restaurant housed in a building dating to the 10th Century.  Thanks, Mercedes! Continue reading