A morning treat in Spain.

Imagine you are in Spain, walking down the street.  Las Señoras (ladies) are sweeping and mopping outside their front doors.  Los Abuelos (grandpas) are on park benches, solving the world’s problems.  Friends are enjoying a leisurely coffee, maybe with a shot of brandy, at sidewalk cafes.  You’ve already been up for hours.  You’ve walked the dogs.  You’re ready for a snack.

In Spain, there are a lot of hours between desayuno (breakfast is usually a fairly light meal), and comida (the main meal of the day, usually at about 2pm).  This is when almuerzo or media mañana comes in, the mid morning snack.

While the afternoon or evening tapas are famous for being protien-rich bites of ham, seafood, or cheese, for my almuerzo I’ll go for carbs, thank you!  Enter Churros con chocolate!

Nibbles Spain 20160322_120049-1

Like so many Spanish food experiences, Churros con chocolate are not to be rushed, but savoured. The key to this delicious, chocolate-coma-inducing treat is the location. Get a comfy chair with a view, my friend; this could take a while.

While we’re here, non-Spanish-speakers, let’s practice: chocolate is said choc-oh-LA- tay.

Nibbles Spain 20160322_120246-1

Our server asked if we wanted chocolate to drink or to dip.  Oh. To dip.  Always to dip.

This is no cup of hot chocolate. This is a thick, dark, hot, pudding-like cup of rich chocolate love.

In contrast, the pastry is light and airy, much like a piece of golden, deep fried choux pastry.  Tear off a piece, and dip it in the chocolate.

Oh, baby!

Once we roused from our chocolate stupors, wiped the grease from our fingers, and the smiles from our faces, Karen suggested salad was in order for lunch.

“Oh, I think we just had lunch.”




12 thoughts on “A morning treat in Spain.

  1. Yum!! I love freshly made chorizos when we are in Cozumel…….never had them with dipping chocolate though! This is something I will look forward to!


  2. Oh, that will never do. If you don’t have sunshine, you must have something more indulgent for lunch! I hope your weather turns around. Wishing you sunshine and warmth.

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  3. I suspect auto-correct helped you out, again, my friend. For so many reasons, I suspect you won’t be enjoying chorizos dipped in chocolate! Glad I inspired you to try something new.


  4. Well, that just makes me moan. Pretty sure I could eat the entire batch myself. I’ll probably need to go in for another blood sugar test just for reading this.


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