Deliciously squidgy energy!

So, I’m walking through the grocery store, minding my own business, when a display of bright yellow packages with red lettering and bright red grapes catches my eye. The next thing I see is the obviously enticing tag line:

Deliciously squidgy energy.

You know I’m not walking away from that!

20160311_125341 Nibbles

“Squeeze me. Come on, don’t be shy. There.  Feel that? That’s squidgy power, that is.”

I’m not making this shit up.  It sounds exactly like something I would say, but the good people of ‘Soreen, The original malt loaf,’ based in Manchester, are responsible for that bit of marketing genius.

A lady stopped to grab a package, so I asked her what it is.  Is it a fruit cake?  “Oh, no, it’s squidgier.  It’s lovely.  It’ll stick to your teeth.”

Again.  Not making it up.  Completely true story.  Obviously, this little gem went home with me.  I followed the lady’s instructions and tried it sliced with a bit of butter. Nice.

Just so you know, by squidgy,  we’re talking soft and sticky.  The raisins add sweet deliciousness.  The package says to also try it topped with jam (too sweet, I think) or toasted with cheese.

20160312_074514-1 Nibbles

I have some wonderful Welsh, aged cheddar, so what’s a girl to do?  Each slice is only about 2 x 3″ at most.  Just a little treat, but it is deliciously squidgy!  The sharp saltiness of the cheddar compliments the malty sweetness perfectly.  Cream cheese would also be nice.

Since you asked, “… don’t take my squidginess too literally – I’m low in fat too.”  We start off well with whole meal flour, malt, and raisins, but end up going off the rails with inverted sugar syrup and palm oil.  Sometimes we’re best off sticking to the bright red lettering.  We’ll just keep this as a delicious treat.





28 thoughts on “Deliciously squidgy energy!

  1. One of my favourite things to do while visiting new places is tasting the foods. It doesn’t only mean restaurant foods. Supermarkets are like playgrounds!

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  2. I am seriously going to make something like this at home. It may take some work. I’ll let you know if I perfect it to the point of needing a taster.

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  3. Oooo, Hand up! I’ll volunteer to be your taster when you’re ready. Like Ann, I’m grateful the new word. Can’t say I’ve ever heard it before.


  4. It’s funny, because squidgy is a word I use when I’m not feeling well. “My tummy is squidgy.” No idea where it came from, because we didn’t say it growing up. I like this use of it much better.

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  5. I seriously recommend a side of mature cheddar. If my post changes your life, it will all habe been worth it… every squidgy calorie!


  6. Not exactly what you’d call health food. Of course, I didn’t have my label reading magnifying glass with me in the store, so the grapes on the package sucked me in.


  7. Who could resist after reading your write up! I’ve already eaten breakfast and my mouth is still salivating. Lory Thiessen


  8. I have never heard of malt loaf before. I love the opportunity to vicariously experience the tastes of different things.

    I have a friend who also enjoys wandering through the market looking at the unusual foodstuffs and wondering what they are all about. We once found a jar in the “ethnic foods” section and the only word we could read on the label was “mutant”. We still wonder what was in that jar. Neither of us is brave enough to try it.


  9. So off to my British foods website “” and found several referred to as malt loaf. One didn’t have any malt in it but a lot of All Bran. One had Horlicks Malt Beverage powder that I have seen in Canada. I had never heard of it before but I wonder whether it is like the Scots black bun that is always prepared for Robbie Burns Day dinner. They all included dried fruit specifically sultanas. One recipe stated it was to be eaten with “naughty” amounts of butter. Love your blogs, Leah and look forward to your followers comments as well.


  10. Thanks, Leona. So glad you are enjoying. The comments are the most fun for me!

    The Malt powder is a great idea. I was also thinking that using molasses (instead of horrid inverted sugar) would add to the flavour and texture. Should be fun to play around.

    I´ve never heard of black bun. Sounds good.


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