It’s a tough job, but…

The discovery that beer is the national drink of Wales was like a call of duty.  With at least 78 breweries in the country, I don’t have a hope of any sort of comprehensive research, but I’ll do what I can.

20160222_170343 nibbles beer

I’ve done my share of wine tastings and wine education sessions, but when it comes to beer, it simply comes down to what tastes good.  Proper beer tasting is on my list, but not while driving home from the brewery is required.

My first selection: a dark, a red, and an ale.  I’ll start with my least favourite and work my way to one that impressed me the most: the big finish (that’s beer talk).

What was I thinking buying an ale with a “light bitterness and gentle hop aroma”?  That hoppy bitterness is exactly what I don’t like in beer.  In fact, I’m pretty sure it’s what inspires that “I just sucked on something yucky” look on the faces of most beer novices.  Moving on.

The next two are both from the biggest and best known brewery in Wales: Brains.  The Rev James Original is a decent red. It didn’t have the truly rich caramel flavours I look for in a classic red, but it was smooth and interesting.

Here comes the big finish:

20160224_160316 Nibbles beer

Dark, by Brains Brewery

Full disclosure: I’m a sucker for a good porter or stout (and I admit that I’m not up on the subtle nuances that separate the two).  I like a beer that eats like a meal.  There’s a reason I have a “Guiness.  It’s Good for You” fridge magnet.

Described as “…treacle-coloured with a creamy contrasting head,” this baby was smooooth and creamy.  Full points.  I am truly inspired to continue this work.

This post is for my dad.  Cheers!  Iechyd da!

12 thoughts on “It’s a tough job, but…

  1. Just a hop and a skip across that narrow stretch of water puts you in the land of Guinness. And in ten days it’s Guinness appreciation day, otherwise known as St. Paddy’s Day.

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  2. I am SO not a beer drinker, but I was enthralled with every word, and now I wonder if I might enjoy that last one. I wonder if our neighborhood spirits store, famous for its unusual nips, might have it on hand. They’ve only looked at me like I’m daft a couple of times when I asked for something new to me. : )


  3. They should never look at you like that {not because you aren’t daft, I will reserve judgement ; )}. They should be happy to help a novice find a reason to return!

    It’s really tough to say what someone will like in beer. I would recommend visiting a micro brewery where they will let you have little samples of different styles and help you to discover which flavours appeal to you the most.

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  4. Now, we are on the one week count down to our next relocation. The current job is eating and drinking what we’ve bought. I tell you, this lifestyle is Hell!


  5. Other than the bitter hoppy thing, I’m an equal opportunity beer drinker. Light, dark, they all get a chance! : )


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