When in Wales…

…eat Hungarian Food?

Colwyn Bay has an outdoor market, so we had to check it out.  We were looking forward to fresh, locally grown veggies, home baked items, maybe some regional cheeses.

There was one fruit and veg stall.  Don’t tell me those cherries were grown anywhere near Wales!  Moving on.  Hardware, cheap clothes, some stinky home made soap.  I know there would be more in summer, but still.  Moving on.  If only there were something to eat.

Hold up, folks!  Is that a food truck?  You betcha!  Sweet & Yummy.  No idea what he’s selling, but he’s speaking my language!  I approach the truck and Andrew tells me about Chimney Cakes, a traditional Hungarian festival food.  Blah blah blah… what’s that golden brown goodness, and how do I get some?

20160223_111557 Nibbles chimney cakes

Strips of dough are wrapped around spits, rolled in sugar, and baked in a rotisserie oven. The sugar melts and that’s when the toppings are added.  I went for cinnamon on one end, crushed walnuts on the other, and plain ‘traditional’ in the middle.

20160223_111549 Nibbles chimney cake

Andrew made me wait forever for the treat to cool, so it wouldn’t burn me (it was minutes!) During the wait, he told me all about Sweet & Yummy and how his business partner built the food truck which they hauled from Hungary.

**Intermission over**

The cooled sugar forms a hard crust of sweet deliciousness.  The soft, warm dough is pulled off in spirals.  Oh.  My.  This was worth drive and the wait.  Honestly.  Crunchy, soft, hot, sweet, vegan.  What?  Did I forget to mention that Sweet & Yummy Chimney Cakes are made without eggs and butter?  That’s right, the original recipe has been tweaked for the modern market.

So, there you have it.  Another feel good snack.  Doing good, one bite at a time.



19 thoughts on “When in Wales…

  1. I think that food has changed so much over recent years and new and exciting foods like this continue to amaze.
    I would say typically local produce would be Welsh lamb, Welsh cakes, Caerphilly cheese and Laverbread (seaweed patties)
    But I look forward to hearing more of your discoveries as you venture forth.


  2. As borders become more fluid, food follows suit, doesn’t it?

    I haven’t run across Laverbread, yet; although, we have heard of it. The cheese selection in the UK, in general, has been amazing!

    We will give lamb a pass, as you know. I want to leave something for those who will truly appreciate it.

    Thanks for your thoughts, Carh.


  3. I love this! It’s called Trdelník in Prague, we got it at all the Xmas markets there. Loved watching them make it over burning coals.


  4. One of your friends mentions Caerphilly cheese. There is a dairy near Parksville called Morningstar Farms. They produce many amazing cheeses but my absolute favorite is Caerphilly. I wondered where it had originated and now I know.


  5. Want! Well, if you start with a good flour, all you need is a little water and yeast to make a wonderful dough, so I can see not adding butter or oil to these. All that sugar and toppings? Yum. Now I’m craving them. Hmmm. How could I make a version of this at home?


  6. You are so right. True French bread is and always has been vegan, after all. I imagine people who are accustomed to the original version might miss the richness added by butter and eggs, but I didn’t know any different.

    How to do at home, indeed. I’m not sure, since the crispy coating relies on temperatures high enough to melt the sugar. Perhaps it’s one of those things that is best left as a very seldom treat.

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  7. No worries Leah, I understand. I am in fact working on a warning post about blog awards. It took me three days to pull together all the info to accept the nomination!


  8. Three days? Oh, my. Better off spending three days researching somewhere to go for a drink or a really good snack!

    That’s what we are doing now. Where can we take Ozzie?

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  9. That’ll be one to keep in my back pocket for another trip, for sure! We are in North Wales for a couple more days, then we’re on the move again. Devon high on the list for future trips to the UK!


  10. That’ll be one to keep in my back pocket for another trip, for sure! We are in North Wales for a couple more days, then we’re on the move again. Devon high on the list for future trips to the UK!

    Get better – I hear there’s snow melting to watch!


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