Snack Attack in Llangollen

I was having one of those days. Up far too early for no good reason, and hungry beyond reason. We had set out for our first road trip in Wales, bound for Llangollen. While Karen manoeuvred 32 miles of hairpin twists & turns and a million roundabouts, I had eaten my packed lunch. It was only 10:30, and I knew this was just the beginning.

We had already been to the main event for the day’s journey, Quiltfest 2016 (more on that soon, my friends), and were walking down one of the streets packed with shops and restaurants, when I skidded to a halt in front of Gerrards Bakery.

20160220_133101-1 Nibbles

Karen continued on to the Tourist Info Centre and left me unsupervised; I suppose she knew there would be no taming the beast.

Inside, I found a tempting selection of goodies, sweet and savoury. First, I chose a spinach and potato roll; much like a super healthful, vegetarian version of a sausage roll (the spinach negates the sins of the rich, flaky, buttery puff pastry… my blog, my rules).

Next, a Welsh Oatie Cake. It’s Welsh; it had to be tried. The lady in the bakery told me it was like any other ‘flapjack’, but made with oats and covered in Belgian chocolate. Apparently, a flapjack is what we might call a square or a slice in Canada. Once again, I’m pretty sure the oats over-ride any dietary concerns involved with the chocolate or other ingredients like butter or sugar.

20160220_133129-1 Nibbles

The oatie cake was lovely. Much like an overgrown oatmeal cookie with a slightly more cake-like texture. OH.  MY.  It’s not by accident that Gerrards has been in business for 178 years.

[Disclaimer: I shared both of these delights with my driver.  I may be gluttonous, but I know enough to pay the piper.]


10 thoughts on “Snack Attack in Llangollen

  1. Well you lost me for a while at ” the main event was quiltfest”…, kill me now I’d be saying!
    But perked up at flapjacks!! Memories (note to self…. must make)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh, you’re probably secretly waiting for the Quiltfest post. Just can’t wait to see what kinds of shenanigans Karen got up to!


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