When in Wales…

…eat Hungarian Food?

Colwyn Bay has an outdoor market, so we had to check it out.  We were looking forward to fresh, locally grown veggies, home baked items, maybe some regional cheeses.

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Quiltfest 2016 – Not your grandma’s quilts.

Quilting was not something that I ever thought I would get into.  It was something my mom and grandma did.  Literally.  I watched them make a quilt when I was a kid; it looked like a whole lot of fiddly, snippy, stitchie stuff; it looked tedious and boring.  That quilt seemed to take forever!  Sewing didn’t appeal to me, at all. Welding and using power tools in Industrial Arts class were trumped sewing some stupid skirt I would never wear (sorry Home Ec. teachers).

How did I get into quilting, then?  I moved.

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Snack Attack in Llangollen

I was having one of those days. Up far too early for no good reason, and hungry beyond reason. We had set out for our first road trip in Wales, bound for Llangollen. While Karen manoeuvred 32 miles of hairpin twists & turns and a million roundabouts, I had eaten my packed lunch. It was only 10:30, and I knew this was just the beginning. Continue reading

A Spa Town and Snow

If there’s one lesson we learned while travelling in Arizona in our RV, it was to avoid areas of high elevation in the winter.  The higher you go, the colder it gets.  We don’t pack up and leave Canada for 5 months each winter in search of cold and snow, I’ll tell you (especially not when we were living in, essentially, a tin can with facilities).

Lessons learned can be soon forgotten.

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Nibbles: Tea & Toast

This week, a little observation on this classic British breakfast combo, from the perspective of this Canadian.  What could be more British than a good cuppa?  TV adverts will tell you that Yorkshire Tea is a proper brew; it comes from Brewtopia, after all.  The PG Tips Monkey tells us to Keep it Tea.  In Canada, we all know that the Queen drinks Red Rose.  My tea of choice is Twinings Earl Grey, a wonderful, aromatic blend with just the right amount of bergamot to add a hint of citrus. Continue reading

More than Bright Lights and Bingo

With a few unexpected days between house sits, we decided to do a bit of extra touring; we’re on a holiday, if you will.  As long time Corrie fans, Blackpool has featured high on the list of must see locations in Britain.  Think back to Jack at the bookies while Vera plays Bingo, Roy and Hayley dancing in the ballroom, and Tyrone proposing to Maria at the top of Blackpool Tower.  Of course, Tyrone’s glimpse into the future didn’t quite pan out, but with so many great (and not so great) seaside holidays enjoyed by our Corrie friends, we just had to go.
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Nibbles: The Chippy Girl Edition

“More history,” said a friend.
“More eating and drinking,” said my sister.

You know what they say, blood is thicker than water.
You know what else they say?  Don’t drink beer at the pub when you still have a couple of miles to walk, but that’s another story.

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