The Market Town of Kendal

Time and again, we come across references to market towns.  People, guidebooks, tv shows, pamphlets… they all refer to them.  Finally, I had to ask, “What is a market town?”  The big explanation was, “There’s a market there, isn’t there?”  Hmmm  Really?  I hadn’t heard of London as being a market town.  There are more markets in London than we could possibly get to in our 3 weeks there.  We gave it a good try, believe me.
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Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

… because “Ships, Trains, and Hiking Boots” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Barrow-In-Furness is not exactly high on the list of UK destinations for most people.  A history of iron ore and slate mining in the region, then smelting, and eventually ship making… sounds pretty, doesn’t it?  An obvious choice for a couple of nature loving walkers.  Ah, but we had been going through a cold snap for a bit (yes, temperatures had been hovering around zero!), so a scenic train trip to nowhere in particular seemed in order. Continue reading

The great unplanned.

With travel, as with anything in life, things don’t always go as planned.  While it’s easy to do a bit of bitching and moaning when things don’t go to plan, for the most of it, I really do try to roll with the punches.  Does it really matter if I can’t get to a certain place on the day I had planned?  There is always something to see and do around the next corner. Continue reading

Must see sights of Lancaster

What would the modern day traveler do without TripAdvisor (or your favourite online travel guide)?  It feels a little too risky to visit a new city without conferring with the opinions of countless strangers.  Just wander down the street and walk into a restaurant without checking their ratings?  What?  Miss out on the top 5 attractions?  Unthinkable!  Playing the game, it was finally our time to visit the top 2 attractions of our nearest city, Lancaster. Continue reading

Dipping our toes into Cumbria

We ventured beyond Lancashire County this week and got a taste of Cumbria, just to the north of us.  A bus to Morcambe, a train to Lancaster, and another train to Silverdale, and we were set! Cumbria is known for its rugged coasts and beautiful scenery; the little bit we saw did not dissapoint. Continue reading

Day trippers. Exploring Carnforth and Lancaster

When we want to go a little farther than our little feet will easily take us, we do take advantage of public transportation.  The City of Lancaster has a Dayrider ticket that allows us to travel by bus all day throughout a pretty big region for about $10 Canadian each.



Last  Tuesday, we decided to do a bit of a walk starting in Carnforth.  The bus ride took about half an hour and we enjoyed having a lookie-loo from the top deck on the way. Continue reading