And we walk…

If there’s anything we do on a very regular basis, it’s walking.  We walk in good weather and bad.  We walk for exercise, we walk for transportation, we walk to explore new places, we walk and we walk and we walk.

At home, in Canada, we have often been some of the very few people out walking (people will stop to offer us a ride, but we’re just out for a walk with no destination in mind).  In the winter, we would bundle up so that only our eyes were showing and we would walk (often in the dark). 2007-12-30 03.59.13In the rain, Karen (from BC) would assure me that I (from the prairies) wouldn’t melt, and we’d walk.  On our travels, we see hidden alleys, strike up conversations with strangers, discover new places, and wear off calories from too many local treats.  We usually walk a couple times each day.  If there’s a dog around, we’ll walk the dog.  I would say that walking is one of the things that brings routine to our lives no matter where we are.

A few days ago, the sun came out.  I mean THE. SUN. CAME. OUT.  In the UK, we get bits of sun at times.  Sometimes we get whole hours of partially sunny skies with only a few clouds.  On the 27th of December, the sun came out in all it’s glory.

Walk Heysham clear sky morning

Early in the morning, as soon as winter’s darkness receded, I could see it was going to be a magnificent day.  We don’t see this kind of blue on a regular basis.  We went out for one of our walks and we ran into half of the village, I’m sure of it!

Walk Heysham National Trust

When we were in early discussions about house sitting here, this was one of the big draws.  We have many kilometers of seaside, promenade and seawall walks.

Walk Heysham Headway

Check out that sky!

Walk Heysham fishers

We could have been on the Gimli Seawall in Manitoba.  It was a nice, sunny day and the fishing rods were out.  When I asked what people were catching, I got an entertaining mix of responses.  I was told that it is possible to catch Whiting in this part of the Morcambe Bay, but not likely at this time of year.  More sincere answers ranged from, “Not a Hell of a lot.” to “A bit of peace and quiet.  We’ve had a house full of family for days, and this is our chance to get out.” These gents were not to be outdone by, “We’re all just getting away from the missus, to be honest.”  Ah, the holidays.  Celebrating family togetherness the world over.

Walk Heysham beach

It’s not Florida, but it’s the beach!


Walk Morcambe

Morcambe.  I can not get enough of these views.

Walk Heysham crowds

It may not look it, but this was a very crowded Promenade!  

I’ve been told that, not unlike at home, it is a tradition for families to go out for walks on Boxing Day.  I imagine people needing to walk off the turkey and get a little space from their beloved family members.  In Heysham and area, December 26 brought miserable cloudy, rainy, windy weather and people were not going out for their walks.  December 27th, on the other hand – look out!  The crowds!  Dog walkers and dedicated walkers and runners beware: the holiday walkers are out.  Grandparents were pushing grandchildren in strollers, whole families were out regardless of dog ownership, and… teenagers were walking with their parents!  It was a Christmas miracle (OK, some of the teenagers were without their parents, and with their joints, so not a miracle per se, but they were enjoying the day).

Walk Morcambe art

We walked until after dark and wandered home exhausted.  We didn’t see any museums.  We didn’t eat at any fancy restaurants.  We saw a Hell of a lot, we enjoyed where we are living, and we walked.





6 thoughts on “And we walk…

  1. Congratulations on the new baby 🍼 and for living life your way. This is awesome. You are inspiring. I look forward to traveling with you wherever you go and HAPPY NEW YEAR 🎉🎉🎶🐾🌎🌍🍻🍷😺


  2. We have taken to walking around out local area, a bit out of necessity, for health reasons, but none the less, like you, we may not have covered great tourist events, or stayed in fine hotels or eaten at the best food places, but we’ve met locals, enjoyed the company at cafes and broadened our horizon, all on foot!


  3. My husband and I are avid walkers. If we aren’t going to the grocery store by foot or heading to the bus stop for a destination further away, we are leisurely walking anywhere and everywhere we can! We are currently in Mississauga, ON and are pleasantly surprised with the perfect walking weather we’ve had lately!
    Your pictures of the seaside and promenade walking paths are gorgeous!
    Can you tell me what Boxing Day is? I have seen a lot of signs around town for Boxing Day sales at stores and I would imagine it is a holiday or something specific to Canada. Maybe?? I know I could easily google the answer but I would rather learn about it from someone who is familiar with it. Thanks!


  4. Boxing Day is December 26, and I never thought of it as a big deal when growing up, but it was the day we would sort of put the house to rights, if you will. The Christmas decorations would still be up, but presents would be put in our bedrooms, all empty boxes and wrapping paper would be tossed or stored for another year (waste not, want not). We would have leftover turkey dinner and still have pretty free access to sweets and Christmas baking.

    We might have friends come by for a visit, as it was still a pretty social day.

    Now, it seems to be all about shopping. The stores are open, the sales are on, and that seems to be the big focus.

    In the UK, Boxing Day seems to be a huge day for families to go out walking (but the shopping is creeping in a little, as well)

    Mississauga would have pretty mild weather, wouldn’t it? One of my brothers lives in Kleinburg.

    I am just up and having my tea, and we will be off on another walk today. One of the joys of travel is having new places to walk. It doesn’t have to be exciting, but it’s new.

    Thanks for your comments. Your blog is great and I will be following. I will also have to check out some of the blogs you follow.

    One thing that would be cool on yours (because we never have enough work to do – ha ha) is for your “Oh, the places we’ve been” to include links to stories about when/why/how for some or all of the locations. Even if it were a couple of paragraphs and an old picture (you, as a kid, in Florida, Eddy in SC, the two of you on one of the adventure locations)… it would take a bit of work, but would be really cool.

    I have the “we housesit” page on my list of things to add to my menu at some point – great idea!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Thanks for the explanation on Box Day! I get it now! Hahaa!
    After I wrap up my emails and catch up on new blog posts, my husband and I are going to set out for a walk as well. Today is pretty chilly with a temp of -5 degrees F, so it may be a short walk, but nonetheless 🙂
    Thank you so much for the advice on the “Oh, The Places We’ve Been” page! I can’t wait to start working on making some of the changes you recommended!
    I really appreciate the reply and all of he great info and tips you included. Take care and have an adventurous walk 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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