And we walk…

If there’s anything we do on a very regular basis, it’s walking.  We walk in good weather and bad.  We walk for exercise, we walk for transportation, we walk to explore new places, we walk and we walk and we walk.

At home, in Canada, we have often been some of the very few people out walking (people will stop to offer us a ride, but we’re just out for a walk with no destination in mind).  In the winter, we would bundle up so that only our eyes were showing and we would walk (often in the dark). 2007-12-30 03.59.13 Continue reading


Entertainment along the way.

All work and no play is something I know nothing about.  Along with all of that touring and cat petting, I had to throw in some pure entertainment.  Before we left for the UK, I booked tickets for Dawn French’s one woman show, Thirty Million Minutes, and for the Coronation Street Tour.  I was ridiculously excited about both of these events. Continue reading

Three weeks in London.

Honestly, 3 weeks in London.  What an amazing experience.  Trying to sum it up really is a challenge!  I will try to hit the high points and avoid being a bore (sort of my hope for this blog in general).

The first point that comes to mind is to explain how we were able to stay in London (notorious for being expensive) for three weeks.  We think we have hit the travel jack pot.  We are house and pet sitting for the winter.  We secured a spot at a wonderful four story Georgian terraced (attached) home in the East End neighbourhood of Mile End.  We had two adorable cats to take care of and to keep us company.


The lovely Isabelle and Hamish; they did allow us to sleep in this bed when they weren’t using it.

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Christmas away from home.

Every holiday, but in particular Christmas, is billed as a time to be with family and friends.  By travelling for months every winter, we have made the default choice to be away from family and, for the most part, friends.  Rather than dwelling on that, we enjoy some local holiday traditions and mixing in a few of our own.

Decoration from Leona Mayer

A gift from my friend, Leona; this is one of my treasured decorations waiting for a time when I decorate once again.

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Are you two on a holiday?

This is a question we get often, and it’s a difficult one for us to answer. We aren’t being coy, but it really isn’t as simple as yes or no. We often have people referring to our winter vacation or our winter holiday, but that’s just not how we see it. We consider our 5 months of travel a regular part of our lifestyle.

I can hear it now, “You pack up and leave home to travel and explore new places, but you say it’s not a holiday? Come on now, sounds pretty good to me!” Of course, it’s good. In fact, it’s great! It’s just not a vacation. Continue reading